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Electronic Lab Notebook
We enable you to create 'virtual' notebook pages in which you can write directly from within MS Word, as well as other Office programs (Excel, PowerPoint, etc). Our Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) performs the same tasks as paper laboratory notebooks, as well as provide unique capabilities such as searchability and back-ups.

  • More than a simple replacement for paper notebooks as it eliminates
    illegibility problems created by hand writing or problems due to lost or damaged paper notebooks.
  • Eliminates paper storage and costs related to it.
  • Has the ability to add and pull out, test information and methods, to and from the ELN to a variety of instruments.
  • Improves process uniformity and output through improved knowledge sharing.
  • Covers multiple scientific areas like analytical, synthetic, process and medicinal chemistry. We also cover reactions, formulations and a variety of biological data fields.
  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements with full electronic security.
  • Can be used by organisations of all sizes and can be installed in-house or remotely hosted.